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Tommy Winchester,
Building Inspector

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Bakersville, NC 28705
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Department Overview

The Building and Fire Inspections Department evaluates construction in the county and makes sure it meets appropriate codes and standard, along with fire safety codes.

Our Location

The Building Inspections Department is located at 130 Forest Service Drive, Bakersville, NC 28705

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Steps to Getting a Building Permit

  1. Plans must be approved before permits are issued.
  2. Plan approval does not guarantee inspections will pass. On-site construction takes preference over plans.
  3. Permits must be paid for at the time of permit issuance.
  4. The first inspection must be within six months of the date the permit was issued. If the first inspection is not done within six months of permit date the permit becomes null and void.
  5. At least one inspection must be performed in each twelve-month period after a permit is issued. If an inspection is not performed in a twelve-month period, the permit becomes nuill and void.
  6. If an inspection is called in by 9:00 a.m., the inspector will more than likely be able to get to it that day.
  7. Please note that a certain time for inspections cannot be given. Mitchell County has one building inspector. Inspections are done by geographical area, not by appointment times.
  8. A final inspection will not be performed until we have a final septic approval from the health department.
  9. A final electrical inspection has to be performed before a final is completed and before a certificate of occupancy is issued.


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Tommy Winchester
Building Inspector

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Fire Inspector

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