Minutes of the August 29, 2023 Mitchell County Transportation Advisory Board Meeting

PRESENT: Lori Gilcrist, Carol Holden, David Graham, Elizabeth Silvers, Laz Aquayo, Michelle Hobson, Matt Ward and Colby Boston
STAFF: Sheila Blalock- Director MCTA, Cindy Lominac-Admin Assistant

Lori Gilcrist called the meeting to order- All members introduced themselves. The Minutes from the May meeting were presented for review and approval- Carol Holden made the motion, Don Ford 2nd – all present approved

Sheila made the announcement that she plans to retire the summer of 2024 after 30+ years of service. She possibly will be staying with the county as a consultant.

For the new year, it was time to vote on a new Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary: Nominee for Chair was Colby Boston, Vice-Chair Carol Holen, and Secretary Lori Gilcrist. A motion was made by Matt Ward, 2nd Don Ford and all present approved.

A short video presentation was shown from NCDOT- Intro to High Country Regional Transit Plan. David Graham explained more about the video presentation and answered questions.

The TAB was presented a light lunch then the meeting continued.

PINE LINE UPDATE: Sheila stated a grant was received for $50K, that will be used for wages, fuel and maintenance. Sheila was able to participate in a Teams meeting (zoom) with Montana State University in reference to the start up and operation on the Pine Line.

The new LTV has been ordered and should be arriving between October and December. It will be replacing M66.

MCTA has been extremely busy with many shuttles- Mineral & Gem, Mine shuttles, Penland, Airports and football to name a few.

Colby made the motion to adjourn, David Graham seconded. Meeting was then adjourned.