Minutes of the February 28, 2023 Transportation Advisory Board

PRESENT: Lori Gilcrist, Carol Holden, Darlene Butler, Natasha Wilcox (DSS), Allen Cook, Matt Ward

STAFF: Sheila Blalock, Director MICTA; Cindy Lominac Admin Assistant

Lori Gilcrist called the meeting to order and the minutes from November 29th 2022 were presented for review and approval. Carol Holden made the motion, Matt Ward gave a second, and all present approved.

Sheila gave an update on the system. There is still open positions needed to be filled. Ellen Cantrell is no longer Board Chair since leaving MOC. Motion was made to ‘table’ filling this position till next meeting. Matt made the motion, Carol gave the second, and all present approved. Sheila also mentioned potential members. She spoke with Elizabeth Silvers from the Safe Place, and she said she would sit on the board. This leaves 1 more spot for a public member. Sheila said she would start the needed steps for Elizabeth. Motion made from Darlene to proceed, 2nd from Matt, All were in favor

Sheila would like a Hispanic person to represent our community (ESL) Salvador withSpruce Pine Housing Authority is a recommendation for this position. Lori Made a motion to move on this and vote by e-mail

Sheila applied for the AMY grant to assist in salaries ($42,000) and fuel ($12,000). Also a FTA Grant funding for the Pine Line. Sheila filled out a smart sheet for FY24 50% matching grant like the AMY grant

Pine Line will be changing hours after the time change in March. The Pine Line will operate from 7:00 am-7:00 pm, with the grant, includes 6 hrs on Saturday

Service animals were brought up due to a situation on the Pine Line. Sheila stated that only service animals are allowed on board with proper verification and our job is to transport people.

Sheila reported that the final report for RTAP Pine Line, that the numbers are outstanding and the Pine Line has been very successful.

Cindy gave an update on our Medicaid status. We’re slowly catching up and DSS is training another person to help the load and catch us up

Cynthia Biehl, one of our newer drivers was voted employee of the month for January

Sheila brought up our Capital grant that was covering the shed for the vans, paving in the parking lot and the covid barriers that were put in the newer vehicles. The grant for the new LTV $82,000 is being put off till next year due to the supplier.

Penland School had an open house on sat Feb.25th. Two of our newer drivers Jan and Edd transported approx. 450 passengers that day. There was reviews on FB about the excellent service from these two.


  • March 21st is Drug Awareness for our drivers training. MCSD will be doing our training
  • April 14th & 15th Lori Rhodes wil be competing in the State Road-eo
  • April 14th – 19th Cindy Lominac will be attending the state Road-eo andTransportations conference
  • June 16th we will again be having our annual Road-eo with 5 counties participating. This year McDowell will be the sponsor at Nebo Crossings.

Sheila invited Board Members to come and participate as judges

The meeting was adjourned through a motion from Lori Gilcrist, second from Matt Ward

Cindy Lominac
MCTA Admin Assistant