Mitchell County Websites & E-Mail Have New Names

Mitchell County North Carolina SealMitchell County Government started off 2023 with a major change in the county’s online presence. After using the internet domain name for years, county government websites and e-mail addresses have been switched over to

“It’s a big deal to make a change like this, but we feel it is important to make it,” said Allen Cook, County Manager in announcing the change. “Most local governments in our region have .gov domain addresses, so we took the opportunity to set one up for our web presence.”

There are good reasons to make the change, Cook said. “Grants that we apply for and other governmental organizations we work with respond better to us if we have a certified .gov domain name. In fact, some of them now require it in order for us to participate.

In terms of how this will affect Mitchell County residents, the answer is not at all. “While we’ve switched everything online from to, we made sure that for the next few months both names will work if you type them in either a web browser or in an e-mail address,” said Cook. “What we do ask folks to do is to update any links they make to pages on our websites or any e-mail addresses to the new domain name.”

So, the next time you send an e-mail to a county office or link to a web page on the county websites, go ahead and make the change from to The new address is already in effect and will work for county government online resources going forward.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact the County Manager’s office at 828.688.2139, extension 1394 during business hours or e-mail