911 System Fees

Adopted October 6, 1994

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That the following ordinance for Mitchell County is hereby adopted:

Section 1. Definitions.

As used in this ordinance:

  1. “911 System” or “911 Service” means an emergency telephone system that provides the user of the public telephone system the ability to reach a public safety answering point by dialing the digits 911.  The term “911 System” or “911 Service” means an emergency telephone system with 911 service and, in addition, directs 911 calls to appropriate public safety answering points by selective routing based on the geographical location from which the call originates and provides the capability for automatic number identification and automatic location identification features.
  2. “911 Charge” means a contribution to local government for the 911 service start-­‐up equipment costs, subscriber notification costs, addressing costs, billing costs and nonrecurring and recurring installation, maintenance, service and network charges of service suppliers providing 911 service.
  3. “Exchange Access Facility” means the access from a particular telephone subscriber’s premise to the telephone system of a service supplier.  Exchange access facilities include service supplier provided access line, PBX trunks and Centrex network access registers, all as defined by tariffs of the telephone company as approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission.  Exchange access facilities do no include service supplier-­‐owned and operated telephone pay station lines, Wide Area Telecommunications Service (WATS), Foreign Exchange (FX) or incoming-­‐only lines.
  4. Public Safety Telephone Act means N.C.G.S. 62A-­‐1 et seq.
  5. “Service Supplier” means a person or entity who provides exchange telephone service to a telephone service to a telephone subscriber.
  6. “Telephone Subscriber” or “Subscriber” means a person or entity to whom exchange telephone service, either residential or commercial, is provided and in return for which the person or entity is billed on a monthly basis.  When the same person, business or organization has several telephone access lines, each exchange access facility shall constitute a separate subscription.

SECTION 2. That effective February 10, 1995, there is imposed a monthly 911 service charge, in the amount specified in subsection 3 of this ordinance, upon each exchange access facility subscribed to by telephone subscribers whose exchange access lines are in the area served by Mitchell County Enhanced 911 service.

Section 3. That the monthly 911 charge is to be determined by a feasivliity study now in progress at a monthly rate not to exceed $1.50 for each exchange access facility subscribed to by a telephone subscriber whose exchange access line or lines are located in Mitchell COunty and are in the area served by Mitchell County 911 service.

Section 4. That the service suppliers will be responsible for collecting and remitting to Mitchell County, the 911 charges as provided by the Public Safety Telephone act.

Section 5. That the administration and collection activities to enforce and give effect to the provisions of this ordinance shall be conducted pursuant to the provisions of the Public Safety Telephone Act.

Section 6. That all laws and clauses of laws in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed to the extent of such conflict.

Bill Slagle                                                                                 10/06/94
Chairman, Mitchell County Board of Commissioners     Date

ATTEST: Judy Broadway     10/06/94