Request for Qualifications: Procurement of Architectural Services

Mitchell County North Carolina Seal

The Mitchell County, North Carolina Board of Commissioners (The Board) has approved design work related to the construction of an indoor recreation facility consisting of a full size basketball court with seating, indoor walking track surrounding the basketball court, fitness classroom, workout equipment area, dressing rooms, showers, concession area, and staff offices. Preliminary planning is for a single building consisting of two part divided by a two hour firewall. One portion of the building containing approximately 8,460 square feet (76×110) will contain the basketball court, side court seating and a walking track surrounding the court. The second part of the building containing approximately 4,760 feet (68×70) will contain the fitness classroom, workout equipment area, dressing rooms, showers, concession area and staff offices.

The facility will be located on a pre-selected site that will be on a grade raised fill compacted to at least 98% of the maximum dry density obtained in accordance with ASTM Specification D-698, Standard Proctor Method, with a moisture within +/- 3% of the optimum moisture content. Catawba Valley Engineering and Testing will be supervising the site preparation. All evaluations, analysis, testing and reports made by Catawba Valley Engineering and Testing will be shared with all firms responding to this Request for Qualifications. Catawba Valley Testing and Engineering has also made recommendations regarding supporting concrete slab
floor and foundations.

Mitchell County is considering the use of prefabricated metal construction for at least the
walls and roof of the facility.

The Board is soliciting responses from capable and experienced architectural firms with experience in designing similar facilities. Design services will be procured through a qualification-based selection process without regard to fee, in accordance with G.S. 143-64.31.

A portion of the site is located within the 100 year flood plain. The base flood elevation for the site is 2462.3 above NAD 83/2011. The present elevation of the site ranges between 2463 feet and 2466 feet. The grade raised fill will achieve an equal elevation of 2465.67 feet at the top of compacted fill soils suitable for construction.

No portion of the site is in a “Floodway” or “Non-Encroachment” area. A Floodplain Development Permit has been issued for the site and all work contemplated on the site is allowed by the permit. A copy of the permit will be made available to all firms responding to this Request for Qualifications. Once the undercutting and fill compaction is completed and the overall site elevation Is raised to 2465.67 feet Mitchell County will apply for a Floodplain Map revision which will remove the construction site from the floodplain.

The Architectural Design Team shall cooperate with the Mitchell County Recreation Director, the Mitchell County Projects Manager, and the Mitchell County Manager to design the project in line with the Board’s goals and budget. The Design Team shall demonstrate experience with all authorities having jurisdiction including EPA, DENR, NCDEM , Building Code Enforcement personnel including the local building inspector and Emergency Management personnel including the local Floodplain Administrator. The proposal shall contain no less than three of the following:

  • Provide three submittals in an 8.5” x 11’ format not to exceed 15 pages, double or single
    sided; and one electronic submitted PDF to
  • A letter of interest and statement summarizing the team’s composition, interest, qualifications, experience and special qualifications for this type of work.
  • A listing of specific team members, their respected positions in the firm and role in th performance of the design and administration. The lead designer for each specialty should be clearly identified.
  • A listing of similar type of work performed by your firm with client references.
  • A listing of projects you have performed or are currently performing in Mitchell or Yancey County, North Carolina or other areas of North Carolina within forty miles of Bakersville, North Carolina.
  • Photographs, graphic illustrations, and reports from similar work and projects.
  • A schedule of past project completions.
  • A statement noting the entity’s proximity to and familiarity with the proposed project location.
  • Professional services for each team shall be rendered using a modified architect/owner contract.

All questions, inquiries and submittals shall be made only to:

Allen Cook
Mitchell County Manager
26 Crimson Laurel Circle, Suite 2
Bakersville, NC 28777
Telephone: 828-537-1394
Cell: 828-385-0026

Under no circumstances shall contacts be made with members of the Mitchell County Board of Commissioners regarding this Request for Qualifications and selection process. No contact shall be made with any Mitchell County personnel unless through reference from the County Manager for response to questions from a firm preparing response to this solicitation for information regarding the site or the facility.

Based upon interviews a firm and alternate firm will be named followed by negotiations for a service fee. If an agreement with the named firm cannot be completed, negotiations with the alternate firm shall commence.

The deadline for receipt of responses is July 20, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. Interviews will be scheduled and conducted and it is contemplated a design team will be selected by September 1, 2023.